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Who wants the boring, the bland, the predictable? One of those typical vodkas that have been distilled and filtered so many times that any trace of taste has been lost? Our founder certainly doesn’t – which is why he created OYESTER44.

This is a vodka for people who appreciate all-natural ingredients, craftsmanship and, above anything else, provenance. Or, in other words, how the ‘terroir’ of a region defines the taste of its food and drink.

Especially, in this case, the ocean.


OYESTER44 was crafted by passionate foodie Chris Liebau. It’s born out of his own love of the ocean and a passion for seafood and the finer things in life.

Created in Zeeland, the Netherland’s westernmost and least populous province – of which over 1,000 sq. km is seawater – OYESTER44 wholeheartedly embraces and celebrates its terroir.

As well as being determined to create the very best seafood-pairing vodka in the world, Chris’ attention to detail is reflected in both our vodka’s name and design.


The ‘YE’ in OYESTER44 stands for the small village of Yerseke in Zeeland – where the local fishing boats carry these letters for identification. The world-famous Imperial oysters we use in its production have been cultivated off Yerseke’s shores by the Dhooge family since 1906. And the ‘Royal Blue’ colour is typically Dutch – made famous by classic Delft Pottery from the 16th century. A cork cap – that doubles as a shot glass – completes the nautical look.




Jacqueline and Chris Monden are the owners of the ‘De Kruidenaer’ nursery, where they grow over thirty types of herbs. ‘Planet Proof’ certified, which ensures sustainability, their vervain and lemon balm contribute a zesty and fresh element to our vodka.

Chris & Jacqueline Monden 
“De Kruidenaer” – Etten-Leur


The distillate in OYESTER44 is made from local MSC-certified oysters, cultivated at the ‘Oesterij’ in Yerseke. Owner Jean Dooghe and his family have been cultivating shellfish since 1906 and supply them to top restaurants all over the world. The ‘Imperial’ oyster is a local flat-shaped variety with a mild saltiness and a distinctive, nutty, taste profile.

Dhooge family
 “DE OESTERIJ” – Yerseke


Our distillery is located just four steps from the sea in the scenic and ancient fishing port of Bruinisse – which celebrates its seafish heritage with a giant statue of a mussel. Master Distiller Meinderd Kampen is driven by a remarkable passion for his craft.

Meinderd Kampen 
“Kampen Destilleerderij” – Bruinisse


The organic farm of the Van Tiggelen family supplies the new potatoes that are at the heart of OYESTER44. These potatoes help create a smooth and creamy finish, but as they’re cultivated in a coastal nature reserve (‘The Brabantse Wal’), they also have have a subtle maritime saltiness. 

Cees van Tiggelen

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